Bank of Maharashtra

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173 Flats from West Bengal Housing Board "Abasan"

Announces sale of dwelling units (flats & houses) in different Housing Projects of WBHB.

234 BHK Starting @ Rs.29 Lakhs,Haridwar Greens,Haridwar (U.K.)

According to mythology, Haridwar is one of the four places where drops of “Amrit,” the elixir of immortality, were spilled by the celestial bird, Garuda. This makes Haridwar one of the seven holiest places in India.

However, Haridwar is not just about mythology. Today, it is also the hub of technology and manufacturing excellence. With leading companies based all around, Haridwar is one of the most imminent places of modern India, where tradition and mythology blend in perfect harmony with the new and contemporary.

2/3/4 BHK Flats at Greater Noida West

Shri Radha Sky Gardens relives its name by providing to its residents ambiguous and beautifully planned terrace gardens located on the roof tops of every high rise tower present in the project. The blue print of the project is beautifully designed by internationally renowned architecture Hafeez Contractor, who has a substantial experience in designing high rise apartments. The architecture displayed is a milestone in elegant architectural design and the bay windows which are a part of all the apartments play the role of icing on the cake for Shri Radha Sky Gardens.


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